Independent proofreading and editing services for erotica authors

Readers gleefully pointing out the number of typos in your self-published work? Anthology editors dropping gentle hints about your punctuation in the thanks-but-no-thanks email?
Worried that a regular editing service might be shocked at the number of rude words?

Let me help you with that…

Prices vary depending on the level of editorial support required and are calculated from a starting point of approximately £10 per hour. For anything over 10.000 words I am happy to provide a quote after seeing a few sample pages.

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Short story up to 3000 words – £25 (flat rate)

Short story up to 6000 words – proofing £50, full edit £60

Short story up to 10000 words – proofing £75, full edit £100

Novellas and novels – proofing from £6.50 per 1000 words, full edit from £12 per 1000 words.