Dirty Sexy Words


Dirty Sexy Words is all about the good naughty books.Now that selling events like the London Alternative Market and the Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar are mainly on hold, the online bookshop is expanding. If you’re a writer as well as a reader, competively-priced editing services are available. And if you like chatter and occasional ranting about erotica, writing, sexuality, politics, bookselling and even Morris dancing, check out the blog.

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Dirty Sexy Words started out as a series of erotica reading slams hosted by Zak Jane Keir, who was trading at events as well as writing and editing erotica. Now the focus is more on the bookselling, the editing, and bouts of online ranting at the state of the world along with news of new books, writing tips and intermittent adventures. There’s a Youtube channel as well.