Welcome to the DSW bookshop.



More titles being added in as more reliable sources of specific types of book are discovered. Most of the pre-loved books you will see on the stall at various in-person events don’t get listed on here as there is no guarantee when another copy will become available.







You should be able to find me at live events, with a table full of interesting bedtime reading, most Sunday afternoons – the current schedule is as follows:

First Sunday of every month: London Alternative Market

Second Sunday of every month: SWAMP

Third Sunday of every month: The BBB

Other events are more occasional but follow social media to see what is coming up and when

Some of the odds and ends out of the stockbag, particularly the vintage erotica and the more softcore erotic romance titles, can be found on eBay from time to time so have a look…




If you have any requests (or you met me at an event when you didn’t have the money for what you wanted and would like to know if it’s still in stock) LET ME KNOW.

Want to check out the small print/terms and conditions?

If you happen to have a collection of used-but-good sexy/kinky books you would like to find a good home for, feel free to get in touch and discuss it further.