Dirty Sexy WordsI’m Zak Jane Keir, and I have been writing about sex and sexuality for over 30 years. Dirty Sexy Words started out as a series of reading slams in the summer of 2014, and after a while I decided it needed a web presence of its own. I had been blogging, intermittently, for a year or two after the whole 50 Shades explosion revived a writing career that had dwindled a bit, and and also trading for rather longer, in a hobbyist fashion, at some of the fetish markets (selling more t-shirts, badges and magazines than books, though there were always at least some books on whatever stall I was running.)

I stuck a block onto this website to keep the content coming, partly because of getting more involved with the online sex writing communities via events like Eroticon and partly because, well, blogging is fun. Then, from around the end of 2017, the selling of naughty books – not just my own, but other people’s – turned into a bigger deal: it was time to take it seriously. For a while, the fetish markets and the occasional larger events were where the action was, but then along came the plague, and life began to move more online, so it was time for the bookshop part of this website to get overhauled and start to grow.dirty sexy words

Also, then and now, not everyone is willing or able to get to fetish markets and fairs, and many people are overwhelmed or bemused by the sheer volume of naughty books out there – or completely unaware of how much useful and interesting info there is about how to do kinky sex, or the theories and politics surrounding how we have sex, how we think about it, and how much trouble (good or bad) we could get ourselves into.

So here we are. Browse the bookshop, or have a look at the blog… or, if you are a writer in need of a bit of support, check out the editing service.