A Little Fiction Competition

fiction competition

Those of you who have been watching the LAM livestreams might remember that I set up a story-writing competition a couple of weeks ago. You could win yourself a copy of my Dicewriting book by sending in a short story or even an outline for a sexy story, using the prompts given.

There’s still time to enter, as it runs until next Monday, September 1st.fiction competition

The Dicewriting book was published a couple of years ago, inspired by an entertaining session at Smut Leeds. Since then I have held a few Dicewriting sessions in a variety of places. Obviously, since March, holding any such thing in the flesh has not been viable, so I decided to have a crack at moving it online.

You can watch the clip here (silly thing is too long to stick it directly on the blog): it gives you all the info you need to have a go yourself. Dicewriting is a fun way to get your imagination moving rather than a full-blown writing course and I always like to think of it as a box of writing toys you can play with. 

There might come a time again when I will be able to put on some more events. I might be starting up a book club at a nice new venue, for instance, and that could include writing-group elements. If you’re in or near London, feel free to get in touch and let me know what your ideal naughty book club will look like. (Suggestions of acting out the more interesting things people have been reading or writing will be met with a Stern Look: that’s not social distancing, is it?)

For the moment, have a crack at the contest – or, if you’d rather read than write, stroll along to the bookshop and see if something takes your fancy.

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