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#Scarletladies, scarlet, women, erotica, sex-positiveI’d been hearing quite a few good things about Scarlet Ladies, a group for sex-positive women based in London, so I was thoroughly excited when I got asked to go along and join them for an evening dedicated to erotic fiction. Though I’ve put on plenty of slams (and yes, it’s about time I sorted out another one) and have started attending author signings, this was a different gig and a most excellent one.

For a start, the venue was all of the awesome. 23 Paul St bills itself as ‘for the discerning rascal’ and it’s the sort of place I would not, previously, quite have believed in. A strip club with ethics and an empowering ethos, it’s also lavish in its decor, like a film set of a vintage burlesque zone.

In the company of assorted lovely people, and sharing the bill with The Other Livvy, Amy Coffee&Kink and the amazing Shakira Scott, fuelled by prosecco, I was more than ready to air a couple of story extracts. All four of us took turns to read out a short piece of work and then discuss it with the other attendees, who turned out to be the sort of audience an

Scarlet Ladies, erotica
Me with Sarah, Scarlet Ladies founder

author dreams of: engaged, interested, asking cool questions and really appreciative. I have to say it would be almost impossible to pick a favourite reading from what I heard – everyone’s stuff was fascinating, or beautiful, or thought-provoking, original or straight-up hot. Or all of the above. I chose an extract from Silver Desire and one from Dirty Flash Fiction, the latter of which erm, went down better than the first one (it’s a bukkake story.) Livvy read a piece about bubblegum, which I remember hearing at Eroticon this year; Amy had a story about rope (I’m always happy to hear stuff about rope) and Shakira has some brilliant turns of phrase.

There was plenty of applause, plenty of laughter and a sense of amazing camaraderie and shared experience. If you are female and interested in sex and sexuality, you really should check Scarlet Ladies out in more detail: their mission statement is:

Through our founding values of Freedom, Inspiration, Esteem, Respect, Courage and Enjoyment, we connect and empower women all over the world. Live FIERCE.

scarlet ladies books

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