Birthdays and mates and mortality

(*** this post will be edited and pics added in a day or two – tech issues and general incompetence going on ***)

I’ve had some odd birthdays. Well, I’ve had a LOT of birthdays, so some of them were bound to be a bit odd. Some have been spent behind a stall at events such as Erotica, some I have done my best to ignore because… other stuff and anyway it’s undignified to make a fuss, some have been most excellent fun. This one was a little different, because I spent it at a kind of ad-hoc celebration of the life of one of my oldest friends.

Chris was a writer, photographer, awkward fucker, genius, great mate, wonderful company, good influence, bad influence, inspiration, legend…  he will be hugely missed. If you’re interested, check out his site or his brilliantly vicious and funny book Ex-Pat.

And don’t forget to tell your mates you love them. As more and more years go by, more and more people leave us, and you never know who’s going to be next. So don’t leave it too long to patch up that idiot row you had, or get back in contact with the person who sort of drifted away with no ill-will anywhere but just not enough time.

As Chris put it on his website: go out there and unfuck the world.

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