Erotic Writing For The Win! Vote now!

We all need little flashes of joy in life – yes, quite possibly, this summer more than ever. So this post is going to be about winning, about awards, about what looks like a small but genuine upturn in the erotic fiction world.Award

I have been nominated for an award, which makes me very happy. Part of the thrill does actually lie in the fact that Sexhibition’s awards ceremony is the second such event of the summer, the first one having been the ETO Show Awards back in June, where the Erotic Writer category was deservedly won by Tabitha Rayne.

Having more than one award for an art form is a really encouraging thing. It shows that this is an art form which is being recognised more widely as valid, and worthwhile. Just think how many awards there are for music: pop, classical, dance, rock, country – and how many there are even in those specific categories.

And, yeah, of course, I would like you all to vote for me – please note, you have to vote in every category to reach the next one, which may mean you get to support some of your favourite people in other areas of the erotic/adult entertainment world, or pick random names and see what happens.

An additional cause for celebration if you are an erotica writer or fan of erotica is that publishers Totally Bound are now selling paperbacks via WH Smiths. The key thing here is that these developments are not all about one book or one author – OK, only one author can win each award, but shortlisting validates the rest – , they are a real leap forward for the genre. And with any luck they will pave the way for more to come.

And there is a little something else in the wind as well, but more about that nearer the time…

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