Eroticon: Why You Should Come

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This post could have been called All The Reasons Why You Should Come, or Honestly, Really, You Should Come, or could have gone with the semi –official slogan of It’s Better When You Come but, whatever, let’s keep it simple. If you write about sex, you should come to Eroticon. Here are some reasons why.

1) It’s potentially life-changing.

And totally life-enhancing. Writing, whatever your field, is a fairly solitary occupation: your friends and family might be you should come,boobs, exhibitionism, tits, #boobdayvaguely interested – and even admiring, sometimes – but they don’t necessarily get it the way other writers do. OK, a slightly less diplomatic way of putting it is that we’re all neurotic as fuck and the relief when we get together and find that other people actually understand us is amazing. The other thing about going to Eroticon is that you’ll probably end up doing something you didn’t know you could do, or never imagined doing, whether that’s during the weekend or afterwards. (One year I ended up making an award-winning porn film.) This year featured a mass Boobday photo, which was a lovely, giggly, warm, body-positive thing to take part in.

(pic by Missy, concept by Hy)

2) You get to play with cool stuff.

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The Jett by Hot Octopuss

Eroticon has sponsors, who generally turn up with shiny new toys you can pick up, and handle, and learn about. The Jett, made by Hot Octopuss, is definitely on my shopping list. There’s also usually a Kink Lab session, where you can find out about kinks that might be a bit niche, or might be stuff you’re intrigued by but have never investigated because they need skills or special equipment – but there’s also an opportunity to make your own stuff with KinkCraft.

3) You’ll learn interesting things

Every day is definitely a school day: this year there were talks on the medieval view of women and desire, the history of BDSM in fiction and how to bring up your kids with a sex-positive outlook. There were also sessions packed with tips about writing erotic fiction along with encouragement for anxious or overly-busy writers, and nuts-and-bolts technical stuff to improve you should come, erotica, #eroticon. writing tipsyour website and get more hits.

4) It’s caring, not scary.

A lot of time and effort goes in to making the whole event as welcoming as possible, especially for people who have a few extra obstacles to overcome. The venue’s accessible. There are no expectations that you attend every session – well, you can’t, because there are usually two or three things running simultaneously – and there is a quiet space provided if you get overstimulated and need some down time. There are ambassadors who are there to help you out if anything’s bothering you. There’s lunch, which is delicious and can be adapted for your particular dietary needs.

You’ll go home with a bag of goodies (mugs, t-shirts, notebooks, etc) a load of inspiration and a host of new friends. You should come, next year.


And if you want any more convincing, check out the rest of the writeups.

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