All the fun of the ETO show

The ETO show is, basically, the UK adult industry’s trade event, and it’s always good fun. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend the awards party this time round, and only made it down for a few hours yesterday. At least I still managed to get a spectacularly good haul by way of a goody bag from the Blog Spot set up by Cara Sutra and.hosted this year by Mel of Voluptasse and Horny Geek Girl so thanks for that and thanks everyone who donated a little something to fill the bags with..


(There was some chocolate as well, but I have eaten it…)

There’s a lot to be said for having a dedicated trade show – it’s always good to hang out with people in the same line of business and, for a lot of adult industry folks, particularly the writers and bloggers and online sellers, work is mostly done in your own home and your interaction with customers and business peers is pretty minimal.

Also, it’s about the only event where you could get away with a t-shirt like this.

(Thanks to the lovely Charlie who bought it for me…)

Because I was busy attending a community street party on Sunday evening (and throttling an effigy of the Queen along with other bouts of misbehaviour) I don’t know the full details of who won what in the Awards, or at least not every category, but I would just like to congratulate the deserving winners I do know about – Tabitha Rayne for Best Erotic Author and Girl On The Net for Best Erotic Journalist – well done, both of you!

And thanks also to whoever laid on the free bar – I would have taken even more advantage of it but for the fact of having to go back home earlier than was desirable and do something for my unmentionable day job, which meant changing clothes as well as headspace on the train…


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