Guess what else is coming home…

coming home
coming home
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‘Coming home, it’s coming home’ is one of those things that was a meme before memes were a thing.25 years down the line, a football song made less irritating than many others by its wistful self-deprecation has been hauled into service for many a cause and concept, time and time again.

And, frankly, I’m going to nick it and dress it up for my own purposes, as well. Because WE are ‘coming home’ in a very few weeks: LAM is going back to Revolution Leadenhall.

Old lag that I am, I have traded in a variety of places run by a variety of organisations: arts centres, sticky-floored pub function rooms, the now-gone damp dirty aircraft hanger in Battersea that hosted the also-gone Whiplash Market, hotel conference suites, Olympia, a lovely industrial-heritage museum and, over the past year, some barns and some fields. Revs is dear to manycoming home of my fellow traders and I have a soft spot for the place as well. And now we are going to return, on Sunday August 1st, with loads of stalls, socialising, a workshop or two and possibly some pleasant surprises (about which I cannot tell you because I might have to kill you or whatever).

After the last year or so, it’s reasonable to be wary of synchronicity and symbolism and superstition. It is quite tempting to speculate that (whatever might happen with the footballing tomorrow) the success of the English men’s team so far represents something of a fuck-you to the despicable government, as they appear to be a bunch of really rather decent young men; diverse, open-minded, kind-hearted and willing to speak up for what they believe is right. This doesn’t make football any less tedious to coming homethose who are not interested in it, though.

We can hope that coming home to Revolution will be good for the Lamily, traders, crew and customers, and that things continue to progress well for us and others, moral panic and state idiocy notwithstanding.

See you on August 1st.

(And if you can’t make it, there’s always the site bookshop…)

(And if you can’t wait, of course, we are going to be out in the fields again NEXT weekend…)

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  1. Lisa Stone

    Let’s look forward to August 1st.

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