LARP, LUST AND OTHER DIVERSIONS (or: Pagans, Perverts and Morris dancers)

This coming weekend will feature the annual visit to the West Country for a bit of LARP fun at the Herofest. If you’re in or near the area, why not stroll on down and take a look? The venue’s gorgeous, the bar’s decent and reasonably priced, and I always find myself having a most excellent time.

OK, much as I have always thought that the dressing up, running around and bopping people with rubber weaponry looks like immense good fun, my involvement with the scene has mainly been about selling people badges, fridge magnets, jewellery and (when I can get away with it) erotic books. Though I really ought to mention that this is a non-smutty event and therefore there is a high possibility of rugrats, so don’t roll up expecting anything more than very discreet and considerate depravity, if there’s any actual depravity at all…


(a  selection of steampunk pendants, including Great Cthulhu, by Cherry Black Designs)

LARP, like historical re-enactment, morris dancing, paganism and most types of geekery, has a huge crossover with the kink scene. In fact, the whole lot form a pretty good Venn diagram that could probably be labelled as My Kind Of People. It’s not that surprising, when you think about it: all these interests have stuff in common. It’s not just about the fabulous outfits or the alternate identities – it’s about using your own imagination to make your own entertainment.

So it’s probably unsurprising that there’s an erotic story or two inspired by non-mainstream hobbies and interests, along with the more familiar steampunk, paranormal or sci-fi smut you can find with just a click or two.. Here’s some that I know of:
Lucy Felthouse tackling cosplay
Sallyanne Rogers getting a dirty Morris on
Sallyanne Rogers and friends giving it sweet folk all.


(Folk festival book signing)

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