Listen to these words of mine: new audiobooks from Zak Jane Keir

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It sometimes seems like audiobooks have been the Next Big Thing for years, but there definitely appears to have been an increase in interest lately. So I’m pretty pleased to be able to say that several of my stories are now available in a format you can listen to.

audiobook, erotica, paranormal, listenWhose Woods Are These?

This is one of my rare ventures into paranormal erotica, though it’s more a story of ‘is that supernatural, or just strange?’ It features a couple of minor characters from the Thrillers/Black Heart world, for those who have read either Black Heart, The Master’s Voice or some of those Nexus anthologies.

Brandon, rich and formerly famous, suspects there’s something strange going on in the woods at the back of his country house. He decides it’s down to him to investigate, but he’s in for a curious encounter with a strange but seductive woman. Maybe he should have taken notice of the fact that it was Walpurgis Night…




erotica, listen, audiobook, bdsm, femdomThe Tops

Revisiting this story always gives me a bit of a sticky thrill, as it’s one of those based on a real experience. OK, not that closely based (in case the person who was the model for the male dom character happens to read it or listen to it at any point.) The original version, which is a bit different, was written some time in 2001 for a magazine, then reworked extensively a couple of years ago to go into Sticky Fingers and Warm Leatherette.

When a Dom meets a Domme and neither has any interest in switching, that ought to be the end of the matter. But sometimes, there’s more going on than meets the eye. Lynsey and Karl find that they simply can’t stay away from each other, and something will have to be done about that…




audiobook, listen, bdsm, eroticaMy True Love’s Ring

A few years back, after a discussion at one of the Smut events, I pitched the idea of an erotica anthology where all the stories were inspired by folk songs. This was my own contribution, and this is the song that inspired it.

They are in love, despite the concerns of friends at their unconventional pairing. So in love that they are going to be married, yet she can’t quite rid herself of a last lingering doubt. She decides to put her beloved to a test, but will he pass or fail when confronted with a figure out of his fantasies?





There are a few more to follow, and plenty up on the HoE site from other authors, so if you want some dirty words whispered in your ear, you know where to go…

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