Lockdown Life: Learning to Vlog


It’s fairly crap, I know. (Whether I’m referring to the lockdown or my initial attempts at vlogging, I will leave up to you to decide.) But I promise no pious lockdownplatitudes or fingerwagging: we all get through this as we get through it.

For the moment, there are no markets: no LAM, no LAMchester, no BBB, and the handful of author signing events I planned to attend this summer are still Condition Unknown. The organisers are hopeful the later ones will go ahead, but no one can promise anyone anything at present.

However, for the past month, the LAM organisers have been running a weekly event on their Youtube channel. Every Sunday afternoon, you can check out a selection of workshops, including a discussion with the Kink Shrink you can join, and various little clips from traders, showing off their latest creations or giving you a behind-the-scenes view of their manufacturing processes. You can catch up with the ones you’ve missed as they stay up.

lockdownI’ve had a couple of goes myself and, with rather more time on my hands, I’ve set up a Youtube channel for Dirty Sexy Words, as well. The idea is to build up a collection of clips about various books: some that I stock, some that I wrote and some which I plan to stock in the future. There’s even going to be some real Down With The Kids stuff like unboxing videos, though perhaps not too many of those as I’m ordering a little less often.The bookshop part of this site is also about to have something of an overhaul, and updates will be on Twitter and the Facebook page.

There might be a few other changes or new developments coming along: you’ll be kept informed, of course. In the meantime, support independent traders and small businesses while you can. This too shall pass.


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