MAEG16: The Lowdown

007 First of all, obviously, tons of thanks, flowers, good wishes and virtual wine to Scarlett Flame for all the work she put in to organising Manchester Author Event and Gig (#MAEG16). I had a really gorgeous, fun-filled day: making new friends, catching up with old ones, networking, hanging out, talking about books constantly, and even modelling a corset in the fashion show.

The venue was the Astley Green Colliery Museum, a fantastic visual backdrop and intriguing to anyone (like me) with a taste for industrial archaeology and steam-driven machinery. There was food (and very yummy food), plenty of loos and a very fairly-priced bar – one of many ways in which the #MAEG16 differed from other events I’ve gone along to with a bag of books and badges to sell.

Most smaller-scale fetish events are held in licensed premises of some sort or another, but the refreshments on offer can be either overpriced or simply grim – at least the majority turn a blind eye to the stallholders bringing in their own six-packs and sandwiches, but some will even confiscate a water bottle if it wasn’t purchased on the premises.

It was also very interesting to be selling books in a setting where everyone else was selling books, and the punters were all there to buy books: everywhere else I have ever been has mainly been about buying and selling fetishwear, sex toys and kink paraphenalia (and no, I have no objection whatsoever to that.)

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