Move Over Menopause: an evening at Sh!

MILF mature sex

MILF eroticaIt’s always a good feeling when you realise that the thing you were thinking is the same thing a lot of other people have been thinking, and the idea that older women can still be sexual, still be playful, still enjoy life rather than being written off, is one that’s gaining traction at the moment.
(Yeah, we need some positivity, whoever and whatever we are.)

MILF mature sexLast Friday’s Move Over Menopause event at Sh! was exhilaratingly brilliant, with a hugely appreciative and interested audience. Mainly older women, but with a sprinkling of gents as well. I was really pleased to be invited to speak along with Christine Webber and Sarah Berry. Christine’s written a fab novel about dating in your 50s and Sarah, while the youngest of the panellists, is a sex and relationships therapist.

Me? I was there to talk about sex over 50, too, which meant regaling everyone with details of how I made my first real porn film at the age of 51, and the lovely reception it got at the Berlin Porn Festival. Of course, I also told them all about Silver Desire, to lay extra emphasis on the fact that there are a whole lot of us not ready to give it all up in favour of knitting and warm milk just yet. So lots of hugs and thanks go out to Christine, Sarah – and most of all Renee and the Sh! staff for the welcome and the bubbly. This old bird’s still up for more…

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