New and Coming Soon – Paraphilia and Scandalous.


Paraphilia magazine is now in stock! It really has been quite a while since someone had a go at setting up a new, radical, contemporary kink magazine andparaphilia a very long time indeed since I’ve seen such a venture that wasn’t at least three quarters full of cute cis girls in latex and leather (I have no objection to pictures of cute cis girls in latex and leather, I just prefer a bit of variety in my visual stimulation.) The second issue has just come out, and I will have copies for sale this Sunday at LAM, which is now back in Leadenhall and, I am reliably informed, back to full bar service and food being available. If you need further tempting to come along, I am also going to be giving a little talk on Safer Dating in the afternoon, though you may wish to note that it is unlikely any hands-on participation is will be involved.

paraphiliaYou will have to wait a little longer for the next Big New Thing, which will be the Scandalous anthology. That’s not out for a couple of months, but having seen the cover, I couldn’t resist putting it on display straight away. I have had something of a love-hate relationship with erotica book covers for quite some time (often because of the aforementioned cis girls in sexy clothes default setting) but the Scandalous cover has genuinely impressed me.

In a week full of steadily-increasing horrors, both globally and, to a point, personally (two funerals) it’s worth seeking out little flashes of joy, anticipation and above all hope that the future still holds something worth waiting around for…

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  1. Lisa Stone

    I like this cover too.

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