New Release: Amorous Congress

Amorous Congress, Victorian, steampunk, erotica, anthoogy

The Victorian era has long been popular with writers and readers of erotica, whether their preference is for historical accuracy or steampunky flights of fantasy. So we are very pleased to announce the arrival of this long-awaited anthology from F.Leonora Soloman and friends.

Amorous Congress, Victorian, steampunk, erotica, anthoogyAmorous Congress takes the reader to another time filled with poor houses and brothels, secret societies and manor houses—even some of Charles Dickens characters make an appearance. Languid, corseted and gloved, Amorous Congress is a titillating read that guarantees happy endings of all varieties.

Starting with an entrepreneurial young woman whose sensuality leads her into an unexpected career, and ending with advances in technology that give the 21st century something to aspire to, Amorous Congress is our erotic reimagining of an era that continues to entice us.

Extract from To Further The Cause Of Science by Zak Jane Keir


So it was that, supper being concluded and the company assembled around the cabinet and its recently rebuilt accumulator, this Miss Havelock was the first to volunteer herself. She made no further reference to Dr Burke but it was clear from her exchanges with Mrs Chescott that she was one of those for whom pain and pleasure were somewhat intertwined. With enthusiastic encouragement from her hostess, the girl divested herself of her gown and, to general delight, her petticoat, standing before them in nothing but her corset and underdrawers, the latter being of the practical type with an opening between the legs. Mrs Chescott, also, shed her wrapper and positioned herself on the sturdy wooden chair which had been set beneath the arch of Dr Williams’ device.

Eileen stood to the doctor’s left as he explained once more how the accumulator would function once it had been activated, awaiting her cue to turn the great brass key which would set the machinery in motion. Many times since that first morning it had been her part to lie across her employer’s lap, her body throbbing with mingled ecstasy and shame as he applied his hand to her bare posterior, chastising her for failings real or playfully imagined, until she was writhing and gasping with delight and begging him to embrace her and possess her entirely.

Miss Havelock – Queenie, as she had invited them to call her – now approached Mrs Chescott and bent over, supporting herself with her hands and raising her posterior. For a moment there was no sound apart from the faint hum of the activated accumulator at the rear of the cabinet, and then Mrs Chescott’s palm descended with a noisy, satisfying crack upon Queenie’s hinder parts. The girl gave one sharp cry, then appeared to submit entirely as Mrs Chescott began to spank her in earnest. Eileen felt her own body begin to respond to the spectacle; a tingling sensation spread from her cunny to her breasts and she glanced from Queenie to Dr Williams and back again, her breath catching in her throat. Dr Williams appeared to be directing his attention predominantly to the row of crystals attached to the upper side panels of the cabinet, and Eileen saw, with an additional thrill of excitement, that the lowest one in the line – currently the only one attached to the accumulator – was beginning to brighten.

After several minutes had passed, Queenie Havelock began to whimper, then to moan, and Mrs Chescott delivered three more firm blows before stopping. She rubbed and caressed the girl’s buttocks, then delved between them, seeking the gap in the fabric of Queenie’s drawers and probing within. It was clear she was administering the type of massage often recommended as a treatment for hysteria and, soon enough, her fingers achieved the desired effect and Queenie writhed and shook in delighted transports of pleasure, crying out her joy at the moment of release.

Mrs Chescott withdrew her hand and gently encouraged the girl to stand. Queenie, her face flushed with the aftermath of her experience, got a little shakily to her feet and executed a surprisingly graceful curtsey before the other guests, who broke immediately into applause. Eileen applauded as well, but her attention was mainly on the doctor, and the crystals. The lowest one was now illuminated with a strong, bright light which their previous research suggested would continue to shine for several hours.


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