New Release: Breaking Limits

bdsm, fiction, new books, anthology

If you celebrate Christmas, you might feel the need to sneak off now and again for a spot of private time; if you don’t celebrate it, you might still find it helpful to have something to stimulate your naughty side over the break.  Someone tipped me off about this magnificently filthy ebook anthology about submissive women, which has just come out, and so I’m sharing the info with the rest of you…

bdsm, fiction, new books, anthology


In my experience, submissive women are amongst the strongest and most intelligent and successful women I have ever met or chatted with. In many cases, they were aware of their need to submit on only a subconscious level, and it took the right man, in the right circumstances to ignite that side of them. But once ignited, they immediately accepted that side of themselves and proceeded into a much more fulfilling and happier lifestyle. In this Anthology, you will read seven smoking hot scenes and short stories by five authors of erotica, describing strong women who have been challenged by life and circumstances to delve deeply into their own desires, and then…perform. They bust through every limit they thought they had by simply letting go and ‘going for it’. Lessons are learned, and they allow themselves to explore and grow, sometimes explosively.

In “Breaking Limits”, Monica has been pushed into a corner by her husband, and throws caution to the wind in her first real life encounter with her long time online friend.

A lady has her limits suddenly tested by her lover in “Just a Glance”.

In “Mine”, a devoted submissive is challenged by her Sir in areas she never thought possible; exhibitionism and voyeurism on a scale she could not have imagined.

“Better than Him” shows how a lady gets exactly what she wants – from two men.

In “Tequila, Truth or Dares”, a middle-aged lady is on a mission to show some young studs that her sex drive is greater than anything they have ever experienced or witnessed. In public.

The girlfriend of a gang member is directly challenged to prove her mettle in “Act of Vandalism.”

Geneva is blackmailed by, of all people, her husband, in “The Mistake”. She is suddenly in a very precarious position and must think quickly.


Tempted? Get it here..


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