New Release: Corrupted – Erotica & Erotic Romance for the Modern Age

A while back, I put up a post which mentioned how a dream can sometimes be the starting point for a story. A little while later I had a very odd dream, that stayed on my mind all day and, well, once I’d gone over it a few dozen times, I started to write down its key points and the result, Thank You For Not Coming, ended up in Charlie Powell’s excellent new anthology, Corrupted.

corrupted, anthology, erotica, womenSince the beginning of time, everything that has promised to liberate women has also been accused of corrupting them: suffrage, trousers, the pill, and learning to drive, and that’s just to start with.

In this erotica collection, women reclaim or recognise their power in myriad ways, and it’s not always pretty. From femdom dynamics to BDSM, boardrooms, and benchwarmers, Corrupted comprises a startling cross-section of stories defining what it means to be a woman in the modern world.

Edited by, and featuring, Charlie Powell, Corrupted contains ten powerful stories by Vanessa de Sade, Rebecca Chase, Annabeth Leong, Sonni de Soto, Robin Juliet, Kiki DeLovely, Byron Cane, Erin Horáková and Zak Jane Keir.



She drinks the wine; the last glass from this bottle. It might keep the dreams at bay––or make them more enjoyable. Peter had corrupted, erotic, stories, darkappeared in the one she had last night, after only half a bottle of wine, and that had been…interesting. There had been less of a chill, less of a sense of doom. Is it the wine? Is there something else that’s making a difference?

She taps her fingers lightly on the wooden counter. Orgasm denial, he’d said to her, one of those evenings at a much where they’d found themselves sitting together and she’d decided she could allow herself to chat with him, safely enough. He was so much younger than her. Orgasm denial was something he really enjoyed. She’d shut down that particular conversation, as quickly as she could. It wasn’t too difficult to get things back on a more general topic, at a table with several other people discussing their favourite fetishes. It shouldn’t have been anything to worry about, but she hadn’t been able to sleep at all that night. That thread of desire, desire she hadn’t felt for such a long time, that carried such a strong scent of danger. Maybe getting older would not be enough to keep her safe, after all.


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