New Release: Dirty Flash Fiction

One of the things we writers tend to do is collaborate. We form little groups and allegiances and participate in projects together, often for the fun of it as much as anything else. And sometimes, what we put together turns out to be worth putting out there.


This little collection is from the Kinky Brits, a gang I am pleased to be a member of. It’s a selection of short, very short stories with a slightly darker feel, though there’s plenty of filthy fun in there.

The Kinky Brits are at it again with seven tantalising tales!

Stories that burn, make you yearn and realise that not quite everyone gets their happy ever after.

Meet vicars, professors and foul business magnates, birthday showers and supernatural surprises.

These twisted tales are strictly for over 18s.


Here’s a little extract to tempt you further…

The first of the men came forward, stroking themselves, gripping their rearing tools, smiling down at her. Two of them knelt on the very edge of the bath, clearly the most excited of the throng.

‘Oh, she’s so beautiful,’ one of them said, his hand movements speeding up. Valeria was too thrilled to speak, but she did look up at him and give him a smile that blended encouragement and appreciation. He threw back his head, his hips jerked, and warm jets sprayed down on her, splattering across her shoulder and arm. She let out a little cry of joy, which triggered another man’s climax, this one landing on her tits. More of them were approaching now, crowding round the tub, and she wasn’t sure if it was the sixth or the seventh whose contribution scored the first direct hit into her open mouth. She swallowed it down and licked her lips, putting out her tongue in the hope of catching more, as further squirts and splashes began to rain down upon her skin. She closed her eyes, partly as a precaution and partly to concentrate on the taste and the smell and the feel of it all. Her nipples had stiffened into taut little peaks the moment she walked into the room, and now she began to pinch and pull on them, her finger and thumb rapidly building up a slick coating of come. Her other hand couldn’t stay away from her cunt any longer; she could feel her own wetness seeping out between her swollen, heated, pussy lips.

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