New Release: Discovery – 2019 Eroticon Anthology.

This is the third consecutive year there’s been an Eroticon anthology combining fiction and non-fiction. In 2017 we had a selection of stories and musings on the theme of Identiy and last year we heard what people had to say about Truth.

This year’s theme, voted on by potential contributors and Eroticon attendees, is Discovery.

Discovery, Eroticon, erotica, anthology

Featured authors are 19Syllables, Rachael Kaye, Hannah Lockhardt, Hyacinth Jones, Charlie Powell, Euclidean Point, Marie Rebelle, Luv Bunny, Jerusalem Mortimer, Posy Churchgate, Girl on the Net, Nina Vallard, May More, Julie Jones, Quinn Rhodes, Cara Thereon, missy, Alun Norley, Morgan Peschek and Zebra Rose

If you’re planning to attend Eroticon, you may well have pre-ordered your print copy. If you didn’t, or you can’t attend, or you would rather have an ebook, you can buy Discovery in a format to suit you.

You can also, if you haven’t already checked them out, treat yourself to the previous volumes, Identity and Truth.









Discovery, Eroticon, fiction, erotic writing, confessional

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