New Release: Getting It

femdom, fiction, erotica, anthology

femdon, fiction, BDSM, anthologyBack in the last big wave of erotic fiction publishing, it was supposedly common knowledge that stories of female domination didn’t sell and weren’t wanted. Even then, I had my doubts: the number of times I’d be sitting behind my bookstall at a fetish event and be asked by potential punter after potential punter if I had any femdom stuff would probably have made me rather wealthier than I am today if I’d actually had the books they wanted… Mercifully, things have changed in this respect: there is now quite a lot of erotica featuring dominant women and their adoring submissives, slaves and playthings. Check out the latest from Sincyr Publishing, which is released today.

femdom, fiction, erotica, anthology


Getting It – A Femdom Anthology is comprised of thirteen sexy stories ranging from the sweet, new Domme finding her footing to the young man discovering that pain doesn’t have to be self-inflicted.

Whether French cuisine tickles your tongue, pain twists into pleasure, or rape fantasies occupy your dreams, this delicious collection is for you. Mild dominance and hardcore BDSM entwine in Getting It, pushing characters and readers to embrace their innermost sensational desires in healthy, consensual ways.

Authors: Jordan Monroe, T.C. Mill, Nanisi Barrett D’Arnuk, Ralph Greco, Jr., Kiki DeLovely, Harley Easton, VK Foxe, Megan Jennifer, Arden de Winter, Jean Roberta, Betina Cipher, and Sienna Saint-Cyr.

“Shifting rape culture one sexy story at a time.”

femdom, erotica, sexy stories, kink, fiction

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