New release from Girl On The Net

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Erotic fiction is delicious and fun and all the rest of it, but sex blogs are fairly fabulous as well. (Both fiction authors and bloggers are always welcome at our slams) The best of the sex blogs (and there are many, good and not so good) mix the personal with the political, combine passionate sex with impassioned rants, make you laugh and make you think as well as giving you fuel for your fantasies.

One of the absolute best has to be GIrl On The Net so I’m really happy to hear she’s got another book out.


Here’s the blurb: From the Uk’s smartest and most controversial sex blogger comes a unique story of ordinary love and incredible sex – and what happened when they came together. This is Girl on the Net’s true story – of falling in love and falling apart. From the honeymoon days of sex whenever and wherever, to the everyday issues that comes with a solid relationship. This is more than a memoir, this is a must-read for all of us who have ever wondered…can great sex and real love ever go hand in hand?


I’m currently anticipating the arrival of my copy with great eagerness – if you want to read it yourself (and you really, really should), here’s the buy link.


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