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FallingDeep (4)

Janine writes lovely, passionate, magical fantasy stuff and has enthralled us more than once at Dirty Sexy Words. Here’s a taste of her newest story.

“Put your hands on the saddle.”


“You heard me.”

Biting the inside of her lip, Liz turned her back and placed her hands on the horse’s saddle. They looked pale and tiny on the dark leather.

“You see,” said Evan, coming in so close behind her that she could feel the radiant warmth of his body, “there are just some things that cannot be learned from books, or lists, or even from those who know. Obedience, for one. Hold this.”

The riding crop, that implement of promise and pain, appeared in front of her eyes as he presented it horizontally. For a moment Liz had no idea what he meant, but understanding came swiftly as it nudged her lips. She caught the fresh scent of her own sex on the leather, then she opened her mouth and accepted the bar, gripping it between her teeth like a bit.

She realized at once that he had robbed her of words.

“Obedience, and surrender, and the natural order of things.” With both hands now free, it was easy for Evan to lift her skirts and explore beneath. One big hot hand cupped her ass-cheek firmly to steady her. The other slipped down and between, into the unshielded cleft and the plump soft folds beneath.

It turned out that the blush had run all the way through her and was now seeping into the slit of her pussy. Evan made a small approving noise as he discovered her wetness.

 “You won’t find them in a hundred thousand books, little librarian. You won’t find them on the city streets, you can’t learn them on your Internet, you won’t pick them up in college. Things like that are in the blood, and the earth. The deep and the dirt of life.” His fingertips swept her fore and aft, spreading the moisture to slick every inch. “Do you understand?”

Gagged as she was, Liz couldn’t possibly reply – but as his finger circled her clit a squeak did escape from her open throat. That only encouraged him to do it again. And again. His big, callused fingertip felt deliciously, deliriously alien down there and she shuddered, jerking her thighs a few inches further apart. He rewarded her candor by slipping his spare hand between her bum-cheeks, pushing hard with side of his hand against the pucker of her rear hole. The pressure felt almost comforting.

“Maybe you do.” His voice was low, somewhere between a growl and a caress, his breath hot in her ear. “What you need if you are to be an Argante is not to be found in your head. It’s down here, where you’re dumbest – and wisest. Feel how wet you are?”

Liz groaned out loud. She squeezed her eyes shut, water leaking from the corners. She knew her ass was out-thrust now to grant him easier access, but she couldn’t help it. Her pussy was begging for more.

“Oh yes. So wet.” He chuckled, deep and filthy. “Your body knows, doesn’t it? Your body knows how you need to get dirty.” On that last word he pressed his thumb against her anus, just as his fingertip swept over the sensitive round of her clit. It was too much – or just enough – because orgasm sparked and tumbled and flared through Liz’s flesh, catching her off-guard, making her keen out loud and jerk repeatedly and push back on the hard jut of his thumb, as if to impale herself on it.

“Filthy girl,” he murmured, but it wasn’t criticism.
Excerpt From: FALLING DEEP

Copyright © JANINE ASHBLESS, 2016

All Rights Reserved, Ellora’s Cave Publishing, Inc.


Book 2 of the Lovers’ Wheel series.

Liz is reeling with shock. She has just discovered that her Great-aunt Moira’s spooky old house is the last disguised remnant of mystical Avalon, and that Moira has been manipulating her into initiation as an immortal sorceress serving the old powers of nature.

Liz’s ordained role is to turn the Wheel of the Year through the seasons by having sex with each of the Twelve Months in turn. The Brothers of the Fall appear to be hot and handsome men, but they are far more daunting than their summer predecessors. Liz now faces three new avatars who are increasingly dominant and kinky. As the year turns inexorably toward the darkness, Liz must embrace the allure of total submission and give them complete control of her sexuality.

Inside Scoop: Liz explores a wide range of erotic experiences, including light bondage and brief f/f touching.

Reader Advisory: This story has graphic sexual language and scenes—no closed bedroom doors (or other rooms) here!

A paranormal erotica story from Ellora’s Cave



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