New Release: One Night In Washington, D.C.

erotic romance, novella, Jordan Monroe

Jordan Monroe writes lovely, warm erotic romance and we are very happy to welcome her to the blog.


Jordan Monroe is delighted to be using her English degrees. Her short stories have been featured in, among others, Best Women’s Erotica of the Year, Volume 2, Sacred and Profane: Priest Erotic Romance, and Silver Desire: Erotic Stories of Older Women. She enjoys both listening to and playing music, watching Sherlock while anxiously waiting for new episodes, and buying too many books to fit on her bookshelves. She lives within twenty-five miles of Washington, D.C. This is her first novella.
erotic romance, novella, Jordan Monroe
One Night In Washington Exerpt
He turned back to her. She found it impossible to look away from his eyes. “Essentially, getting to know you better. Spending time with you while not buried in music. Not waiting until the next wedding or gala to see you. Does that make sense?”
Lauren took a deep breath in an attempt to calm her nerves. She hadn’t expected to hear this from Adam. The more she thought about it, the more she realized that she hadn’t been expecting to hear this kind of talk from anyone, not recently at least. Fighting for a chair in the National Symphony Orchestra had eaten up much of her post-master’s degree life. Now that she had her chair, she’d been trying to settle into a routine. “Frankly, this comes as a surprise.”
“Well, I mean…I’ve kind of been wedded to this whole NSO thing, remember?”
Adam reached over to take her hand. She became stiff, but didn’t move her hand away. “I know you have, Lauren. And it’s completely paid off, right?”
“Sure, but—”
“Wouldn’t you say it’s about time you let loose a little?”
He slowly moved his thumb across the top of her hand; this gesture alone was enough to awaken parts of her that had lain dormant for quite a long time.
Entirely too long. She blushed again, finishing her glass of wine.
“Would you like another?” he asked.
She shook her head, tossing out a twenty-dollar bill onto the counter. Facing Adam straight on, she mustered the courage to be completely honest with him. “All right. You think I need to let loose a little? Perhaps I do. Maybe I’m reading you wrong, but I get the sense that you want to fuck me.”
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