New Release: Queerly Loving II

queer, anthology, LGBTQ

When it comes to bringing a new release to your attention, we do like to vary what we offer.queer, lgbtq, rainbow, anthologyDespite – or perhaps because of – what seems like increasing division, bigotry and intolerance in the wider world, more and more writers of erotica and romance are pushing the boundaries when it comes to giving a wider variety of people happy endings and good times.

The first volume of Queerly Loving came out at the end of last year and, according to the blurb, featured “pages upon pages of compelling stories about aromantic warriors, trans sorceresses, and modern-day LGBTQA+ quirky characters. Friendship, platonic love, and poly triads are all celebrated.”

queer, anthology, LGBTQQueerly Loving 2 includes  “short stories with characters across the fantastic queer spectrum, with endings that will leave you warm and smiling. Trans love interests, demisexual characters trying to find their way in the world, bisexual characters dealing with a heartbreak in the best way, and lesbians on escapades.
Dragons roar into life, dystopian futures unfold, mermaids enjoy space voyages, and modern-day adventures will curl your toes and make you cheer. There are first kisses, friends that are like kin, and aromantic characters discovering their place among a queer-normative family.

If you identify as LGBTQA+, and you’re tired of never seeing people like you in romantic or sensual fiction, or you just want to read more about a wider range of characters with different lives, experiences and feelings, then both these volume are well worth a look.


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