New release: Rule 34 Is Here! #Rule34Antho

Rule 34 is now available. This is a collection of stories on the theme of unusual fetishes, featuring a wide range of pairings and objects of desire.Yes, this is the one with the stories about tripe, skeletons, photocopiers, dentists, cake frosting, arson and a whole lot more. Have a look through the following teasers, then check out the whole thing.


#Rule34antho fetish eroticaChasmophilia depicts a woman exploring a cave system, driven by a passion she struggles to understand, but ultimately yields to.



#rule34 antho Rule 34 erotica

Soft is a warm, body-positive story of a couple connecting, deliciously, with the help of some cake frosting and an appetite for all that is delicious.




Ring My Bell features two men whose d#Rule34antho fetish eroticaesire for one another is initially complicated by the fact that neither feels confident to reveal his favourite fetish.




#Rule34antho fetish eroticaFire is a bold and shocking story about a dangerous but compelling kind of pleasure; all the more exciting because of its taboo quality.




#Rule34antho fetish eroticaCancel Job describes an office affair with two human participants and a third, who isn’t actually a person at all but a source of intense delight to one of the women concerned.




#Rule34antho fetish eroticaTell Me If It Hurts will delight any masochist who ever speculated about the potential thrills to be had in the dentist’s chair… if your dentist happened to be a dominatrix.




#Rule34antho fetish eroticaAnd Eddie Still Makes Three is about love and loss, and offers an unusual solution to confronting mortality – even embracing it.





#Rule34antho fetish eroticaCheap Meat combines BDSM and food in a way that will thrill you even as you find yourself thinking: no one could possibly get turned on by that!




#Rule34antho fetish eroticaAnonymous is a tale of masks, and of a partner who retains her essential mystery throughout a relationship which has lasted for over a decade.





#Rule34antho fetish eroticaPressure Points brings together a couple with kinks which initially seem totally incompatible. However, with the help of a friend and a particularly imaginative approach, anything seems possible.

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