NEW RELEASE: Slaves To Desire

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Last week saw the arrival of an interesting new collection from Sinful Press. Slaves To Desire by Eli Gilic takes various fictional characters and real-life artists and explores the erotic possibilities they offer. For those who like their erotica on the literary side (not that there’s anything wrong with the straightforwardly filthy, of course) this looks highly appealing.erotica, literary erotica, anthology

Here’s the blurb:

Charles Baudelaire, Rasputin, Anna Karenina, Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet and Ophelia, Fyodor Dostoevsky, George Sand, Frederic Chopin, Vincent Van Gogh, Antonin Artaud, Maria Izquierdo, James Joyce, Federico Garcia Lorka, Salvador Dali.

Can Rasputin find redemption through the sins of others? What awaits Anna Karenina on the other side? Does passion still flow through the veins of the lovers from Verona? Can Hamlet and Ophelia escape their fate? Is Van Gogh’s loneliness a blessing or a curse? And can Dali dispel Lorca’s fear.

Eli Gilić deftly weaves fact and fiction to bring some of the world’s great writers, literary characters, artists and composers to life as they reach the heights of passion and the depths of despair in this mesmerising erotic short story collection.

Buy links are here.

slaves to desire, erotica, booksThe idea of literary erotica can be a touch contentious, of course. I haven’t got far enough into reading StD to be able to offer a definitive verdict, but I can say that it’s one of the titles I will be stocking at the BBB this Sunday as part of the usual range. So if you’re in the area (and, particularly, if you fancy celebrating the fact that Sunday 15th September is actually the BBB’s 20th anniversary – the longest- running kink market in the UK) then stop by. I’m likely to have something nice and naughty in the readables line to tickle your fancy and set you up for the nights drawing in…


If you have any views on what is and is not literary erotica, drop me a line and let me know…

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