New Release: Stuck With You

The latest from DSW regular (and fellow Kinky Brit) is a bite-size erotic romance, just the thing to put you in the mood if you have a hot date lined up this weekend. You can get it from Sexy Little Pages

When Bethan’s work sends her and Ivan, her ex, to a conference together, she’s less than impressed. And when their flight home is grounded due to a snowstorm, she thinks it can’t get any worse…

Stuck with You is a short erotic romance, told in Jillian Boyd’s inimitable style with witty dialogue and sharp characterisations. StuckWithYou Cover

Bethan looked at herself in the bathroom mirror. Eyes red, mascara streaking. “Goddamnit, Ivan.” she thought. “Goddamnit. Just fight for me.”
But it wasn’t any use. He hadn’t fought for her back then. If she closed her eyes, she could see it in front of her again – the streetlights casting a preternatural glow through her apartment building. She’d been crying that day too, about how she’d just had a terrible day at work. Ivan’s simple suggestion – “why don’t you just quit and start again?” – had then sounded like the most unreasonable piece of bullshit she’d ever heard.
A simple suggestion turned into an equally unreasonable slanging match, ending in a defeated Ivan slinking off home without any further word. They could have talked it over, like reasonable adults. But instead, he left, his heart as bruised as hers.
“Goddamnit. Just come here.”
Sighing, she held a washcloth underneath the running tap and cleaned the sorrow off her face. She wondered what to do. Take a long bath? Get into bed and pretend to sleep? Get another room? Or maybe check if any planes were taking off yet?
Bethan came out of the bathroom to find Ivan standing in the middle of their hotel room. His eyes were ablaze with something she’d not seen for so long – pure hunger. He strode towards her, pushed her against the wall and pressed his lips to hers. The flame inside her flickered into a burning: an agonising need to rip his clothes off and fuck him senseless. It had been seven months, but the longer they kissed, the more that time melted into nothingness. Then he pulled away without any warning, leaving her with her lips still pouted in surprise. Her face felt red from the flush.
“So, this is me. Fighting for what I really want. What now, Bethan?”
She knew full well what now. It was her move and she’d damn well make the best move she’d ever made. She pulled him to her by the collar of his shirt and, with one adrenalin-fuelled rip, tore it open. His chest, all soft muscle and curly hairs was still as gorgeous. And as she slipped the rest of what remained off, she was pleased to feel his arms were still as strong as well. Good. He was going to need all the strength he had tonight…
“Okay, I can get on board with that.” Ivan breathed, as Bethan grabbed him by the belt and pushed him on the bed. She crawled in and mounted him, fiddling with his buckle and undoing the god-awful faux-leather distraction keeping her from accessing the rapidly growing bulge in his trousers.
God, she’d missed his cock something fierce. As he jiggled his way out of his trousers and boxers, she practically squeaked with delight at the sight of it, hard and thick and still as gorgeous as ever. More than once, she’d fallen asleep holding it, for no particular reason other than that it comforted her. And Ivan had never really questioned it. He gladly let her drift off with her fingers wrapped around his flaccid cock – and found that it comforted him too.
It wasn’t her fingers around his cock tonight though; it was her warm, wet mouth, taking in the length of him. She greedily sucked, and it was almost too much too soon for him.
“Slow down!” he panted, the first warm waves of pleasure surging through his belly. “You’re going to finish me off before we’ve even started!”
“Oh, see, and here I thought you were Mister Stamina. Or was that just a nickname you’d given to yourself?” said Bethan, playfully looking up at him. Her tousled brown hair framed a face that could have been the picture of innocence if it wasn’t nestled in his crotch. Her blue eyes sparkled with mischief.
He pulled her up to face level and claimed her mouth in a hard, fast kiss before flipping her over and pinning her down. He grinned down at her.
“As I recall, you gave me that nickname.”
“Oh, did I now? Was that the night we nearly broke the bed?”
He nodded, still unbearably pleased with himself about that. That split second of smugness was all she needed to take control, flipping him on to his back again. She made haste of removing her own clothes, barely avoiding getting herself in a tangle. Her blushing cheeks and messed up hair only added to just how devastatingly sexy she looked. Ivan could barely believe it was all happening.
She pinned him between her naked thighs, her soaking pussy aching with the need for him. “Fuck it.” she said. “Nearly breaking a bed won’t do it. Let’s shatter this one.”

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