New Release: Venus & Sappho Audiobook

venus, erotica, sexy audiobook

audiobook, erotic, VenusThere seems to be a whole lot of interest in audiobooks at the moment. The idea of listening rather than reading your favourite stories is not particularly new, but it’s definitely on the increase when it comes to erotica. Perhaps it’s the idea of late-night listening, when you’re under the covers and you’ve switched off the light… Sounds like a lot of fun.

With that in mind, we’re pleased to announce that Vanessa De Sade has a new collection of twelve stories available for your aural delight.

Vanessa has written some wonderful stuff before now: mainly FF stories with engaging, convincing characters in a variety of appealing situations. If you want to check out her work in text form, you can find stories in Who Thrilled Cock Robin and venus, erotica, sexy audiobookGoodbye Moderation: Gluttony, along with many others.

Venus and Sappho Walk Into A Bar… is a collection of twelve contemporary women’s stories which explore differing aspects of female sexuality and homosexuality from a woman’s perspective.

US edition

UK edition

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