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One of those things that nearly everyone knows: an awful lot of people meet their partners at work, or at least have a workplace fling or two. So it’s no surprise that erotica writers find inspiration in day jobs – or night-time ones.

Working It provides you with sixteen hot stories of sex at work and is out now.working, erotica, anthology


Here’s a hot and horny extract to get you in the mood…


Power Play by Rebecca Chase


The smile in his voice matched the whimsical grin that creased her mouth, forming her dimples. Had Simon’s work abilities not been noticed and had he not been given his own team to run, they would have done a lot worse and eventually been caught, too.

“I know you used to play with yourself at the thought of me, your fingers sliding into your panties as you sat at your desk and watched me.”

The flutter was transforming into an unyielding heat. It would not be ignored. Maybe she should recreate the memory with her fingers right now. “Because I couldn’t have you.” There was a tell-tale drop in her own voice. “And you’d walk into my office hot as hell and yet cute and desperate to please.”

“And I did want to please you, in any way you desired. I had many fantasies of what I longed to do with you in that office of yours. I want you to know that pleasure right now. I want to hear you moan.”

“I can’t. Anyone could walk in.” Vicky wriggled in her seat, unable to resist the soft feel of her panties rubbing against her sex.

working, anthology, erotica“And that’s one of the reasons you’re turned on. The idea of someone walking in when your hand is in your undies, drawing circles around your clit with your finger, makes you horny. I wonder, would the person suspect anything? Perhaps the idea they can tell what you’re doing increases your arousal.” The seductive suggestion dripping from his voice was getting to her, filling her with possibilities.

Vicky and Simon took it in turns to submit to the dominance of the other. She relished making demands of him but she also enjoyed letting him control her play. Maybe tonight she could give him access to her mind and let his words lead her body.

“Do you want to touch yourself, honey?”

“Yes,” she gasped, her inhibitions vocalized through the sound.

“Then with one hand pull your skirt up your thighs and with the other slowly rub your clit through your underwear.”


Format: Ebook
Published: 11/25/17
Pages: approx 150
Price: $3.99
Available at: Amazon

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