NEWS: want to listen to us?

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So… I have been hinting about this for a while on social media, but it’s getting a lot closer to becoming reality. Soon you will be able to listen to the latest Dirty Sexy Words stuff whenever/wherever you like.

podcast, listen, eroticaThe plan is to air a show every fortnight, featuring a mix of authors reading from their latest work, general news and chat about the erotica world, and maybe even a prize giveaway or two. We’ve teamed up with UKAN to do it, and it should be very exciting.

Of course, given that I am on the mature side (Most Tantalizing Mature, according to the Toronto International Porn Festival) I’m currently dealing with the technical challenges of the project. Though I’m not the only machinery-challenged author involved, as someone who I won’t name got into an awful muddle about why there was no sound being recorded, before realising that you need to switch your microphone on… I just have to teach myself how to use sound-editing software and not sneeze into my recorder too frequently.listen, podcast, aural sex, erotica

So, if you are an erotica author or a sex blogger and you’d like to be featured on one of the shows, now’s your chance. Drop me a line via the content form and we will see what we can sort out. There will be plenty of updates via both Facebook and Twitter as I put the first few shows together, and hopefully I’ll be giving you all regular helpings of aural sex this summer, and boosting your listening pleasure for the foreseeable future.


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