Paintball and perversion: all the fun of the Hunt.

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Your correspondent, half a lifetime ago: check out my shiny helmet!

The first time I went paintballing was back in 1989. I remember it was a very, very hot day, which meant the bulky overalls were a little fragrant towards the end of the afternoon. I also remember I wrote my experiences up, for a sex mag I was working on at the time. Back then, the connection between paintball and sex seemed ever so sightly tenuous to me, so I loaded the piece with a lot of lame puns about banging and handling people’s weapons, along with a certain amount of stuff about women in uniform. I think we ran it with some stock glamour shots of girls half-in and half-out of camo gear.

A few years later, a mate of mine did say, a couple of times, that it might be fun to set up some sort of kinky paintball Submissive Hunt. The idea appealed to me, but as far as I know he never managed to put any such event together. Further down the line, I did circle back to the idea, at least in my head, and got as far as writing an erotic story along those lines (which was the first of the stories I submitted to the revived Nexus anthologies.) Life in general got in the way of me doing much more paintballing, and I was also aware that while I thoroughly enjoyed chasing people around, shooting at them and engaging in a bit of me-so-hardass roleplay, I was less keen on the fact that they were allowed to shoot back.

Last year, though, I found out about The Cruel Huntress. This is an event practically tailor-made for people like me, who demand an unfair advantage in games and love being (consensually) horrible to others. I was immediately enthused but, due to other commitments, unable to attend the next couple of Hunts, so I had to wait until now. Well, until two days ago, when I finally managed to go on a Hunt.

huntress, paintball, femdom, manhuntMind. Blown. I can’t remember the last time I had quite so much delirious fun doing terrible things. Yes, there’s paintball (with naked, unarmed subs to pursue through beautiful woodlands.) There’s a whole lot more, as well. The Cruel Huntress, as you might be able to suss out from the name, is a femdom set-up, though ‘prey’ can be any gender. It’s phenomenally well organised, so that, within the stated boundaries, a capricious bitch can really let herself go.

We Huntresses pursued and shot the prey: once shot, they were ours to play with. Later on, we decorated our ‘trophies’ with feathers, paint, animal masks and glitter.

After a break for lunch, prey were auctioned off, to be played with as we saw fit. As the luck of the draw meant I had a good wodge of Hunt currency, I was able to bid high for a particularly tempting specimen, and some seriously filthy, nasty fun then followed.

I absolutely cannot wait for the chance to go again. An awesome achievement on behalf of the organisers, whom I would like to thank once more – and I expect to be charging through the woods in my dreams for quite a few nights to come.

Just, next time, I’ll watch out for those brambles.

paintball, femdom, huntress

4 Responses to “Paintball and perversion: all the fun of the Hunt.”

  1. Richard Gillard


    Please may I introduce myself. My name is Richard. I read this article, which I loved and I noticed your words “This is an event practically tailor-made for people like me, who demand an unfair advantage in games and love being (consensually) horrible to others”, which I loved even more.

    I would very much like to be imprisoned by a woman who thinks as you do, for a few hours or a few days, so that she and her friends can be horrible to me, whenever they feel like it.

    I don’t see myself as a masochist, exactly, I just find cruelty in a woman very sexy. I long to be the victim of a cruel woman. I long to be unable to escape.

    I have paid for dominatrix fantasy, in the past. However, it’s not the same as my fantasy. As the client, I have far too much control. I’d like to know what it feels like to be a real slave, a real prisoner and a real victim. I’d like to beg for the torture to stop, knowing it’s not going to stop.

    Best of all, when I eventually escape and think, “That was horrible. Thank God that’s over!”, I’d like to feel that seductive temptation to surrender to you all over again, to suffer for you all over again.

    I’d like to slowly drift into total thralldom. I’m sixty seven years old and retired. I have a lot of time on my hands. Also, I live alone and have a reputation for going “off radar” from time to time. I could dissappear for days and not be missed. If that, together with my inclination to come when I’m called and surrender myself on demand, does not make me the perfect victim, I don’t know what does.

    Please may I become your prisoner, slave, plaything and victim?

    Your’s Truly

    Richard Gillard

    • Zak Jane Keir

      Hiya, glad you enjoyed the piece. I suggest you go on Fetlife because that’s probably the best place to find people who share your interests.

  2. Oscar Neijmeier

    I’d love to know if these events are taking place in the Pacific Northwest USA or Canada even, as I’ve retired here and now seek potential fun. Yeah, Fetlife exists, before anyone mentions it, but it royally disappoints nowadays

    • Zak Jane Keir

      Unfortunately, being based in the UK, I really have no proper idea of what might be going on over there. I do recall hearing some vague rumours of someone having a go at similar events but don’t know of any details.


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