Pet Names and Honorifics: What Do You Call Theirs?

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There are several terms of address within BDSM circles which have tremendous resonance, both for the person addressing and the one being addressed. Girl On The Net wrote a brilliant piece quite recently about being called Good Girl, and even those not particularly involved in kink have some awareness of the use of honorifics such as Mistress, Sir, Daddy, etc. But gender-specific terms don’t necessarily work for everyone, or every scene or dynamic. Whether you’re playing or writing about people playing, it’s not a bad idea to have a selection of gender-neutral things to call people, as you never know when you might need to use one.

Image by Jhon F. Chica from Pixabay

For dominants or tops:

Your Majesty

Your Grace

Your Worship

Your Highness

Mighty One

Supreme Being

Most Worshipful

For submissives/bottoms:

Little brat

Slut (not everyone considers this a gender-free term and some people hate it, so it’s one to check before using)



Miserable worm

Worthless creature

Sweet Thing

My precious (for a sub who likes praise and cherishing)

Image by Jhon F. Chica from Pixabay

If good boy/good girl isn’t appropriate, another equivalent might be to say ‘Well done!’ or to state that the dominant is proud of/pleased with the sub’s behaviour.

Of course, as with absolutely everything about kinky interactions, what works for the people involved is the most important thing. If you’re writing a fictional depiction of such a scene, think about whether your characters would prefer formal language or something more casual, whether certain words would produce a specific response that might even be a plot twist, and so on. As I’ve said before in a slightly different context, names have power.

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