Regularity and capacity and optimism


A while ago, I remember listening to some advice on blogging, which emphasised the importance of being regular. It’s not bad advice – a blog which only gets updated every six months or so is not a blog which will get or retain many followers: people think you’ve given up or left the planet or whatever.

Though the part of my brain which is forever a sniggering seven-year-old did sidetrack into the mid-20th century fixation on ‘regularity’, by which they meantregularity moving one’s bowels at the same time every day. It does rather seem to be the case that unloading (or uploading) some shit on a regular basis has its benefits, therefore I make at least some effort to produce once a week. (That’s blogging regularity: my bowels are my own business and further speculation about people’s attitudes towards their own toilet habits and those of others might lead to demands for an anthology about excretory stuff and I am too busy and also that would definitely be Someone Else’s Job.)

We do, however, seem to have some hopes of moving towards more regularity in terms of events. People are starting to make ongoing plans again, however tentatively.

regularityThing is, I am in the probably very unusual position of having got myself a new day job which is nearly as rewarding and time-eating as selling naughty books. Capacity, as they used to say in the previous, less-enjoyable day job, is a little bit of an issue at present. But I should be able to keep giving you all a little bit of something to read in various ways for the foreseeable future. And the current when-I’ve-got-a-few-minutes-here-and-there Project will hopefully entertain at least some of you once it’s done, but you will have to wait a little while for more information on that one.

In the meantime, how about a trip to the bookshop?

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  1. Lisa Stone

    Well, let’s wait for this very additional information.

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