Revival? Reunion? Reinvention? Whatever it is, it’s Eroticon time again…


The last time I wrote a post like this was, well, in the last days of the Before Times, having been a bit quicker off the mark than usual with my Eroticon Meet & Greet in 2020. (As some of you will know, that was the one that didn’t happen due to Things).

But the excitement is really revving up now as Eroticon 2023 is less than a month away, so people are putting up their introductory posts (see more here), sometimes revisiting their memories and sometimes, for first timers, speculating about what it will be like. It will be my seventh go so I can consider myself nearly as much of a veteran as I do for other favourite things.

So here goes with the questionnaire…

Can’t be bothered finding a flattering picture. But I probably won’t have the squid hat on at the event.

NAME and social media: Zak Jane Keir, Twitter handles @dirtysexyworld or @decadentmadamez Instagram zakjanekeirdsw and, if you bother with Fetlife you can find me on there as madamezak


1 Seeing those mates I haven’t seen for four and a bit years. I’ve had some changes, bet the rest of you have, and it will be so interesting to catch up.

2 Various sessions: there is a cracking array this year and luckily hardly any of the ones I really want to attend clash with each other.

3 Finding new books and authors). There is, as always, a bookstall (run by lovely Victoria Blisse) where you can offer up your own books, if you have them. If you have books to sell, especially if you self-publish or are with an indie publisher, come and find me and we will have a chat. As you may have gathered from landing on this site, I am a bookseller and I love finding new titles to stock – and what I love even more is finding new publishers that stock a range of sex/kink/erotic books, especially diverse ones.

A SONG TO PLAY WITH THE VOLUME UP At the moment I have rediscovered this and am constantly playing it. Always had quite the soft spot for Julian Cope, well, up until the full-blown acid-casualty era.

FIRST CAREER YOU DREAMED OF AS A KID: I seem to recall wanting to be a landscape architect without any real idea of what it might entail. I also fancied being a showjumper, dog breeder or stuntwoman (70s comics for girls may have had something to do with these ambitions).

Eroticon booksellerWHAT DOES YOUR JOY LOOK LIKE TODAY: Hmm, *slight* struggle to answer this one as I have not had the best day, but  it is Friday evening, I have a day of Morris dancing tomorrow and a trip to the BBB on Sunday. (And my kid is always a source of joy even when she is being a little  – or not so little now she is about a foot taller than me – sod).

WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE MUSICAL My mum was enormously into musicals and though there are various songs that remind me of being a kid, I’m going to opt for South Park Bigger Longer Uncut.

IF YOU WERE THE CAPTAIN OF A PIRATE SHIP WHAT WOULD IT BE CALLED: ALways at least one ‘Excuse me, WHAT?’ question, isn’t there? I’ll say the Orgone Accumulator because it makes me think about returning to my steampunk erotica ‘world’ and writing a story about one.

AS SOON AS YOU HAVE FINISHED THESE QUESTIONS WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO Find my shoes and walk up to the Chinese takeaway to get some dinner.

I NEED To wash my hair this evening and decide what to wear on Sunday.


I’m looking forward to read everyone else’s entry, and seeing as many of you as possible in June.




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