Road Trips and Resolutions


Now that I can, I’m hitting the road more. Yup, mask on, of course. And hand gel in every pocket. And my normally odd posture is getting odder as I hold conversations while leaning backwards. But I am Out There.

Of course no one really knows what’s going to happen next, whether there will be a vaccine soon; whether there will be another rise in covid cases, whether there will be an economic collapse, or whether what’s coming round the corner is a revolution (well, we can live in hope of that, maybe). Right now, though, this masked bookdealer is getting out and about as much as possible.

Some of it is a combination of research and recreation: popping in to as many indie bookshops as I can get to while I check out who might be up for stocking some of the many wonderful naughty books have access to. I recently took myself to Woodbridge to say Hi in the flesh to the fabulous Woodbridge Emporium (and buy some books, too.) I’ve got a little list going on, and places not too far from London that have additional attractions for the rest of the family are high priority for further road trips.

Another cause for excitement is the announcement of a second outdoor LAM on August 23rd.

Visiting the Woodbridge Emporium

This here road warrior will be heading somewhere north of London (location and details TBC soon, follow me on Twitter or Facebook for updates) with a bag of books.

Finally, I’m resolved to upgrade everything, including some website tweakery, in the near future. Who’s coming along for the ride? It won’t be too annoying.

If you run a bookshop, especially if you’re interested in starting or expanding on a range of erotica and kinky non-fiction, pop into the comments section and invite me over. Not only am I charming and housetrained, but I always buy something…

And check out my bookshop while you’re here.

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