Rule 34 Call: Get Your Weird Kink On

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Previous inspirations for anthologies have generally come out of conversations with other authors – or readers – either online or down the pub somewhere. Rule 34 was inspired by a workshop I put together for Smut Manchester at the end of last year, which was initially just about broadening the scope of kinky erotica beyond sub-dom, spankings and handcuffs.

bizarre fetish kink strange sex vore giantess eroticaBetween writing for the late, lamented Forum magazine in the 90s and working as a phone sex operator more recently, I reckoned I had heard just about every possible supposedly-weird fetish, and I sometimes wondered why so few of them got written about anywhere other than the more niche corners of the internet. (You want niche? Real niche? How about farting on cakes?)

I’ve had some quality stories in already, but I’m still looking for more. If you’re stuck for inspiration, there are various lists online detailing the things that someone, somewhere, is fantasizing about. This one’s a bit basic; this one gets a bit more interesting. Further Googling may well find you longer lists, though some of the ones I looked at were either lazily padded out by a writer desperately including every type, shape and size of spanking implement available, or were a little unsettling in the way they lumped together the odd-but-harmless and the unethical-and-unacceptable.

erotic tree, phallic shape, strange fetish, kink, bizarre(Please read – and write – responsibly if you are planning to send in a story. We will not publish stuff which involves unconsenting participants, especially participants not in a position to give any kind of consent.)


Fetishes seem to divide, fairly broadly, into an erotic interest in objects such as trees, cars, paper bags – or items generally considered as relevant to sexual pleasure such as high-heeled shoes, whips or stockings – and behaviours. There are people aroused by sneezing, tickling, crying or peeing, for instance. There are also those whose dirtiest dreams centre on the sort of stuff that isn’t technically doable in real life (though who knows where virtual reality could take us?) such as being multiple times larger or smaller than your sexual partners, or a supernatural critter like a werewolf or vampire.

So those of you who have been waiting for a chance to let your imaginations run absolutely wild – or those of you who have a twisted little treasured kink lurking at the back of your mind that you long to share with the rest of us, get scribbling.

All submissions in to by the end of the month, please.

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