Tripe, tricks and treats


tripeCharity stunts can be a bit of a mixed bag, it’s fair to say. First, you’ve got the fact that charities being expected to take up the slack where government has completely failed is not exactly something to celebrate. (We could also consider that little matter of some ‘charities’ having extremely dubious agendas which do no one much good and whose stated mission is actually to do harm…)

On the other hand, sometimes someone comes up with a really good trick which doesn’t just direct cash to a worthwhile organisation, but comes up with a side order of sticking it to The Man. The one that is currently pleasing me comes from the Tripe Marketing Board, who have been entertaining me online for a few years as it is.  Apparently, when Amazon decides, unilaterally, to reduce the price of a book what you wrote, they still have to pay you what you would have earned if it remained at full price. So when the TMB’s enjoyably silly Forgotten Yorkshire was tripedrastically reduced in price, the publishers decided to donate half the profits of every copy sold to local food banks (and some not so local). So far, the Zon have only mildly taken fright, to the extent of restricting purchases to three copies a week per account – and the TMB have been gleefully encouraging people to buy additional copies and donate them to either their nearest charity shop or, indeed, one of the food banks they are supporting.

You can join in the fun (and even now, probably get a copy or three as stocking fillers through your letterbox in time for Chrismas) here.

It may not be the most erotic book you’ll ever read but you could always add a copy of Rule 34 vol 1, which, I promise, features erotica about tripe…



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