Venue hunting, erotica slamming and the great club crisis

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reading slam, venue, eroticaIt’s been quite a while since the last Dirty Sexy Words erotica slam. This whole site was initially planned as, oh, we’ll just have a little website and put slam dates on it, yeah, only needs to be a page or so. But then it became, how about condensing the existing blogs into one and putting that on here instead of having to remember to update two or three different sides and write books and sell books and…

So, since Eroticon 2017 there haven’t really been any slams as such. It’s about time that changed, so I have been running around looking for a suitable new venue.

And venues… venues are a problem for more than just a hopeful author or two wanting to stage a low-key, venue, erotica slam, nightlifefriendly little event. You may have read a few pieces about the destruction of London’s nightlife over the last year or two. You may, if you’re fond of a night out, have noticed that it’s harder and harder to find somewhere to go.

Pub after pub, excitingly seedy, grubby little nightclub after nightclub… they are all dwindling. Sometimes the racist hellhole up the road arises again as a hipster venue selling craft brews  and cocktails in jamjars, sure… but it’s more likely that the club or live music venue you used to love gets boarded up and bulldozed and then all of a sudden it’s a supermarket or an office block.

One reason for the apparent decline in interesting fetish events is a lack of venues, as well. There seem to be no more than two or three places in the whole of London willing to open their doors to kinky people, and promoters can face additional issues if they pick somewhere that’s a little bit out of Zone 1 in that punters seem to be scared they will melt if they go south of the river or north of Camden.

Do we blame the internet, the government, or millenial whinyarses? Do you have a venue problem near you, or are you spoilt for choice when it comes to desirable hangouts? Comments more than welcome.

Thing is, though, I think I might have actually found a place to go, so watch out for more news soon.venue, slam, reading

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