While you still can

while you still can

while you still canWhile you still can, think about doing some of these things. No, this is not an encouragement to buy bogroll or strip the shelves of tinned beans and pasta.

while you still canIf your finances and your own personal risk/health circumstances allow – and if you can pick your time carefully, wear a mask, wash your hands and all the rest of it – book a hair appointment, or a new tattoo. Find your nearest independent bookshop and buy some books (you can also do this online, or seek out independent publishers and buy directly from them). Got an independent tourist attraction near you? See if you can manage to pay them a visit, and get something from the gift shop.

Go and eat or drink in a small, independent pub, or café or restaurant, or see if they do takeaways. See especially if they do their own deliveries rather than having to hand over a cut to the likes of Uber or Deliveroo.

Have a look at local entertainment venues: any of them got any socially-distanced, Covid-compliant events this week? Go, if you can and if it’s something you’d enjoy.

Sunday Roast at the Oval Tavern, Croydon

Because small businesses, especially those whose goods and services are hugely enriching to their local areas and often to our mental health as well as our physical health, are about to face a very hard winter, whether or not this wretched government of gangsters decides to shut them down entirely (which might at least qualify them for some form of financial help or an insurance payout) or just goes back to telling people to avoid anything ‘unnecessary’.

Don’t underestimate the importance of things that make you happy, or of having a few more good times while you still can. If you can do stuff that will help your tattooist have enough to eat next month, or your favourite pub to be able to keep more of the staff on, that’s a good thing.

Otherwise we could find the post-pandemic world entertainment options consist of nothing but Wetherspoons and whatever Amazon is exploiting the creators, packers and delivery drivers of…


Of course you can still buy your erotic fiction and non-fiction from me.

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