Your Christmas Shopping dates from DSW.

Christmas shopping, kinky books

festive shopping, Christmas, books, booksellingI know, I know, we’re not quite out of November and everyone’s bombarding you with Christmas Shopping stuff. Maybe think of this post as a potential escape route for when you’d actually rather spend a bit of money on yourself and your kinky streak.

The various fetish fairs and markets are always worth a visit at any time of year, even more so for the new and the nervous. The atmosphere is generally relaxed; you don’t have to dress up in fetishwear if you’d rather not (though if you do want to get your full kink on, you’d be welcome to do so.) Also, why you may not feel like buying your mum a buttplug or stocking up on flavoured lubes as a novelty ice cream topping, you might need to do a bit of Christmas shopping for your subs, tops or playmates. I know that there have been times, over the years, when I have been asked to pick out books that would make suitable Secret Santa gifts for workmates, as well. Books, particularly naughty ones, are a good standby for gifts, and if you want some advice on what to buy for whom, come over and have a chat as I usually have something suitable for most tastes or levels of experience…

Anyway, here are the upcoming dates for December.

London Alternative Market: Sunday December 1st.

Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar Sunday December 15thChristmas shopping, kinky books

LAMchester Sunday December 29th (the Sunday after Christmas, so you’ve probably finished your Christmas shopping, but might feel like treating yourself to a special naughty something – and also escaping from your family and vanilla festivities for the afternoon.)

So there’s somewhere reasonably accessible to get to whether you live in  the south, the Midlands or further north. But if you’re interested in getting some naughty books but unable to come and see me in the flesh (so to speak) you can always have a look at the bookshop. More stuff will be going up in there later this week.


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