A collared PM or power bottom?


Back when I was writing the Brexit porn book, which featured a spot of erotic humiliation along with other things, I remember feeling that everything was just going too fast to keep up: the minute I had a story idea and started to write it, events seemed to overtake me. Little did I know, eh? When I started writing about randy traction engines and quarrelsome sex toys I thought my brain was getting good at coming up with weird shit, but the world appears to be outweirding my imagination now.power bottom

Some of us have been amusing ourselves with a couple of wild theories about our now ex-Prime minister. The first is that she’s a collared sub with a humiliation kink, the evidence being that necklace she wears so often. Well, it really does look a lot like a day collar, doesn’t it? (Collars interest me anyway.) And having to make a tit of yourself in front of the world’s media, as she did this afternoon, would surely be the ultimate fantasy for someone with that particular pushable button.

The other possibility I have seen on social media is that she was playing a long game, with the intention of destroying the Tories and making them wholly unelectable in the future. Sadly, this seems pretty unlikely if you take a look at her previous political exploits.2022

The idea of a kinky MP secretly plotting to bring about a revolution headed in quite the opposite direction to her purported beliefs is kind of appealing as a book plot, especially if you combine it with the other theory about her being a power bottom. Who wouldn’t want to read a story about kinksters saving the world by using their sex-based powers? We even managed to get comparable ideas into Scandalous (along with the naughty nun, genderqueer rockstars and a filthy family secret).

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