Are you leaving Twitter?


twitterSo, are you? Or are you one of those who could never be arsed with it in the first place? If you are a regular or semi-regular user of the blue birdie hangout you’ve probably noticed a huge increase in people flouncing out and swearing not to return. There’s currently quite a few suggesting a mass migration to Mastodon as the best option. I can’t say I’m in any rush to follow suit, well, unless it becomes obligatory. For one thing, it looks alarmingly complicated to use (though, to be fair, it took me a year or more to get the hand of Twitter – I found it, at first, more like shouting at passing traffic than anything useful). There’s also a whiff of prissy self-righteousness about it, which suggests that it won’t allow anything sex-related to be discussed in any but the most detached and academic terms for very long.

Twitter, for all its acknowledged faults, has generally been a good place to talk dirty, even as Tumblr and Insta got more and moretwitter prudish. Of course, whether that will continue now there’s a new lizard overlord in the hot seat, who knows? Though little Musky probably has a few more urgent things to take care of before he gets round to the dick pics (sadly, when he does start porn-censoring, it will be the queer/diverse/indie stuff that gets suppressed first, because it always is.)

But I remain unsure that pre-emptively running away is going to do anyone all that much good. Whatever platform we use, there are always going to be Annoying Posts, whether that’s the small business owner who hasn’t got the memo about needing to put out some content that isn’t just OI BUY OUR THING, the ‘ham sandwich and a dump’; types who think the rest of the world is genuinely interested in their every action or passing thought, the spammers, the dumbfucks or the depressingly hostile. You’;ll get them wherever you go.

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