Call for Submissions: Rule 34 Vol 2

weird kink, strange fetish

Weird kink, fetish, rule 34, bizarre eroticaThe first Rule 34 came out last year, and it’s probably my favourite anthology of all the ones I have had a hand in. I wanted a collection of weird stories and niche kinks; I wanted writers to go as batshit crazy as they liked and come up with truly original ideas. And the writers delivered.

We got stories about dentists, photocopiers, stalactites, arsonists, church bells, a dildo containing a dead lover’s ashes… and tripe. We got a couple of five-star reviews, and quite a lot of attention, which was most excellent.bizarre fetish kink strange sex vore giantess erotica

Naturally, a year and a bit down the line, I started feeling tempted to have another go, and that’s exactly what we are going to do. So if you have an unusual top turn on, or you’ve occasionally found yourself getting that delicious tingly feeling from looking at objects or outfits or activities that most people wouldn’t associate with sex, we want you to tell us all about it.

weird kink, strange fetishPlease bear in mind, though, that someone getting their freakiest freak on doesn’t, in itself, make a story. Engaging, interesting characters matter; a little pace to your story, a beginning, middle and end… all of those things have to be present. It doesn’t have to be a lasting or a perfect relationship, and there doesn’t need to be more than one human participant in anything of a naughty nature which takes place.

I put up a post when we were working on the first volume and you might find a few helpful hints there, as well.

Full details of what we are after, including details on exactly how to format your submission, can be found here.

Closing date 1st September 2018. Go on see if you can’t outdo last year’s contributors. You have a way to go, given the quality of what came in (including the stuff there simply wasn’t room to print) but that’s surely half the fun. As well as Rule 34, consider Rule 35 – if the porn about the thing you thought of doesn’t actually exist, you have to create it.


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