Celebrating with Sonder & Beam at the Vagina Museum

sonder & beam

vagina, womenAs those who know me will know, I’m usually up for a night out. I first encountered the group then known as Scarlet Ladies a couple of years ago, having previously heard good things about them. Recently, they’ve had something of a rebrand and are now operating under the name Sonder & Beam. So they had a party this week – and where better to hold it than the also-relatively-new Vagina Museum in Camden. I missed the museum’s launch so I was even more keen to go along to S&B’s event and check the place out. (There’s also the fact that the Eroticon socials will be taking place there next weekend – which was about the only reason I was able to stop myself buying up half the gift shop on the spot.)

The evening featured four different women telling four very different stories as it incorporated what S&B call Share Your Self, a sonder & beamplanned monthly event for women to share experiences or information about themselves. Some of what was shared on Tuesday was bawdy, kinky fun, some of it raw, personal testimony.

Founder Jannette (pictured, right) also gave us all the lowdown on the rebrand and what the community is about. There was plenty of cake and loads of warm, open, interesting women to talk to.

I came away fizzing with ideas about things I might do with both the group and the museum in the future (I am rarely without plans for some sort of hustle, but these days I am old enough to think them through and get them agreed with anyone else whose involvement will be needed before just announcing them to the world). If you identify as female and are interested in sexuality and/or networking with other women and/or exploring and empowering yourself then this is an outfit well worth investigatingĀ  You might even run into me at their events.

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