Culture wars, community and craphounds

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Defending the Honor Oak

‘This is what community looks like,’ was shouted at some point towards the end  I think it was someone from the pub, or one of the performers but am not entirely sure due to limited view (though I think of myself, at times, as an old-school stately bitch goddess I am in fact a little squit, and the youth tend to be tall). But I agree with the sentiments. A little earlier, I had spotted a chap in a cassock and ecclesiastical collar, waving a banner which said on one side ‘Real vicars wear dresses’ and on the other something along the lines of ‘God loves everyone’. Having commended him on his outfit, I discovered that he was the local priest: this was his parish, his local, and he wasn’t having fascists stomping around in it, thanks.

That’s what community looks like, all right. I had taken myself down to a pub in Honor Oak having heard that rightwing craphounds were coming to make pests of themselves over a proposed Drag Queen Story Time taking place there. Attacks on Drag Queen Story Time events are the latest shitty import from the raging fascist revival in the US and, as such, need seeing off whenever they appear. These events are akin to pantomime, something which most kids with OK parents get at least one trip to, and something whichculture war has been going on in the UK for centuries (well, roughly one and a half centuries). Much loved contemporary kids’ entertainer Justin Fletcher repeatedly dresses in drag, especially in his kids’ sketch show Gigglebiz. Drag of some description has been considered family entertainment for a very long time. An element of it is about subversion of ‘respectable’ behaviour, some of it is about absurdity for the sheer fun of it, none of it is about threatening or harming young people (you want the police, or various religious leaders, for that sort of thing…)

The attacks on drag, like the attacks on trans people, are part of the enormously dangerous rightwing movements which are all about white male supremacy, even if aspects of anti-trans campaigns in the UK claim to be about feminism. So, if you get the opportunity, or see the need, go and see the fascists off yourself, with music, insults and sheer weight of numbers, as was done in South London. (And the Antipodes the same weekend, where the pound shop Eva Braun shit-stirrer got shown how unwelcome she was).

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