GC crybullies and the shrieking of the silenced.


Ever noticed how people allegedly ‘silenced’ never seem to shut the fuck up? There seem to be few better career moves than saying something horrible in public, getting disagreed with or reprimanded… and then launching yourself on the interview circuit, bagging a book deal, bawling on every platform available about how silenced you are being. This shit didn’t start with the arrival of social media, of course: I’m old enough to remember various pro-censorship ‘feminists’ popping up on every debate programme, and radio phone-in, featuring in endless newspaper and magazine articles, always whining about the lack of attention they were getting as various increasingly alarming proposals to restrict access to sex-related media were proposed.

silencedAnti-trans ranting is the current favourite way to play crybully, of course. Whining and wringing your hands about the terrible threat posed to (cis) women and girls by trans people is alleged to be standing up for a vulnerable minority (by persecuting a more vulnerable one). GC types tend to shout a lot about how brave they are while relying on other bullies and bigots to back them up. Just like the anti-porn campaigners of the last century, this type of purported feminism is very keen to team up with the swivel-eyed scumbags of the religious right to root out deviance and perversion and make the world ‘safer’ for women by restricting their autonomy in the name of protecting them.

Trans people do not threaten cis women. Cis women and trans people working *together* are an enormous threat to the dominancesilenced of straight men. While we are unsurprisingly now being encouraged to blame every bad thing on Putin, it’s worth remembering that he and his gang hate feminism, reproductive rights and LGBTQ rights every bit as much as the white supremacist Christians who used to have Communism and ‘reds’ as hate figures but who are now reluctant to condemn the Russian government because, after all, he’s a Strong Leader and a Real Man and supports Family Values such as stripping everyone other than cishet men of full human rights…

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