Dear Father Christmas, I would like a revolution


Dear Father Christmas.

revolution I would like a revolution, please. Can I have the non-violent model that comes with extra social justice and economic fairness rather than the one that features tanks on the streets and ends with heads on spikes?

I know you’re very busy at the moment and I appreciate that I should probably have asked you for my special present before now. OK, maybe I should have asked you last year, or the year before, or even ten years ago, but I’m asking now. I hope you can manage to give me what I want, as it’s something I promise to share with everyone else. Apologize to the elves for me if this means a rush order, especially when they are up to their pointy ears in re-addressing all the gifts and trying to get the SantaNav to reconfigure the route. I do understand that the type of revolution I would like is costlier in labour terms and fiddly to get right but I’m sure you will agree that it’s a gift that will last a lot longer than the older models do. And you can manage to get it down the chimney, can’t you?revolution

I have been at least a moderately good girl this year. I haven’t bitten anyone. I’ve washed my hands a lot, and bought most of my masks from independent traders. Maybe some other time we can have a little chat about who defines what’s naughty and what’s nice, and on what grounds. I think my rating would be more along the lines of naughtily nice or nicely naughty, anyway.

I’ll leave you a whole bottle of sherry under the tree, along with the naughty book of your choice. And the mince pies will not be last year’s found at the back of a cupboard. I promise.

Thank you in advance,

love from Zak aged 56 and a bit.

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